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My favorite things about working with Damion Hamilton…

I was so inspired by reading Sal and Taylor Cincotta’s recent article in Rangefinder magazine, “Do’s & Don’ts of Working With Your Spouse”. I have to agree, working with your spouse takes a very special love for each other and extra dose of patience! But for some of us, it’s a dream! Ever since Damion and I became best buds about 15 years ago, we have always loved spending time together. Even as young as we were, i remembering thinking that it was so cool how we could literally spend days together and not get tired of each other. Even when we would take family vacations and then Damion would have to go back to his full-time job, he would miss us so much and the girls and I missed him too, even though he was only gone for 8-10 hours! We just like hanging out together. OK, not that we don’t occassionally get on each other’s nerves (!) and we definitely each need our own space, but for the most part, this is our dream coming true. I know that working together is definitely not beneficial OR healthy for every couple, (some people would probably kill each other!!!) but it does have some awesome advantages when you’re meant for it (and challenges too, but that’s another post!)

So, we each came up with a list of our 5 favorite things about working together as spouses. I’ll share Damion’s list tomorrow, but here’s my favorite things about working with Damion The Hubster–

1> He lightens things up!! Sometimes I can get SO serious and focused and deep in consideration and he’ll just say something totally weird or goofy and it reminds me to laugh, to not take ourselves SO seriously!!!

2> It’s awesome seeing him succeed in his strengths and learning from it !! I love seeing how Damion words things and works out the “business end of things”, contracts, details, etc because he is so good at it. I am more emotionally driven so I’m learning not to get so emotionally involved and he’s been a great factor in teaching me more about not just being a good person, but also being a good business person.

3>Dream sharing and dream building together is a great feeling!! We talk about all kinds of crazy and dreamy ideas all the time, and it’s really helpful to have a sounding board that has a common vision. It’s exciting to talk with someone who shares the same heart and passion as you do and pushes you further in that.

4> I enjoy having Damion around!! Weird I know. Now, he isn’t around all the time, mind you, but I like that our girls can go give him a hug anytime they want (if he’s not busy) and he gets to take part in our daily activities. When he was working full time, it was as if he missed half of our (the girls and mine) life. Now he gets to see the good, the bad, and the ugly! But we get to see him too.

5> I love networking events together! It’s interesting to see how our differences in personality and people skills really merge into a great team that supports each other and the business. AND it’s a good excuse for a date night:)

Well, tomorrow you’ll hear more from him, and then about the challenges of working with your spouse and how we deal with that..perhaps the most interesting topic of all… and can’t leave you without an image now can I?

Keep enjoying life with those you love,


Just for fun! From the perspective of a 9 year old…

What could be more fun than inheriting your dad’s old 10D camera and being able to capture the world through it as a nine year old? This project started out as a school assignment, but Miranda molded and shaped it to become what she wanted and found out that she really enjoyed photography! I am surprised at her eye for detail even at such a young age.

What you are about to enjoy was completely put together by our daughter Miranda. She took the images during various trips to places such as Oak Glen, downtown St Helena, the Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga and everywhere in between. Daddy taught her how to process them in Photoshop, she loaded them into the slideshow, chose the song, and created and tweaked the slideshow to her liking. You can see how it definitely carries her own brand of “eccentricity.” She worked so hard on this project and I am so proud of her!!!

Miranda wants to say “Thanks for watching!!”

Keep discovering new gifts,



Miranda in action!!

Damion Hamilton - March 24, 2010 - 1:55 am

hi Sarah!!! I sent you an email :)) We would love too!

Sarah Lane - March 24, 2010 - 1:55 am

{img}164_5{/img} First of all, Miranda, you have quite the eye for detail! I enjoyed watching your video and I hope you got an A on your project! Fabulous work! Secondly, Julie and Damion, how have we not met? lol! We both have 9 year old girls and are photographers here in Napa! lol! I don’t shoot weddings but would love to meet up sometime if your game :)

Damion Hamilton - March 21, 2010 - 11:48 pm

Thanks Krystal..you’re such an encouragement! The world does look slightly different from 4 ft or so…now if only livy could shoot from 2.5 ft..that would be interesting.

Krystal - March 21, 2010 - 11:48 pm

Wowie, great job Miranda!!! You’re are doing just fabulous!!! I really do love the chair from starbucks pic…quite interesting from your point of view and height-wise!!! Keep on snapping away!

Damion Hamilton - March 21, 2010 - 11:47 pm

Thanks Lena and the O’s!! I can’t wait to see how she develops that potential…

Lena Oh. - March 21, 2010 - 11:47 pm

I was SO impressed. She definitely inherited the family talent. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton are wonderful examples. She has SO much potential- WOW!

- The O’s

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger with the San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco City Hall was again the site of a gorgeous event with the San Francisco Symphony, the “10th Anniversary Chinese New Year Concert & Imperial Ball.” This event was to celebrate and welcome the Year of the Tiger. I have to say, this this was one of the most colorful and innovative events that Damion has had the privilege of capturing. The clear, lucite chairs provided a perfect view of the gorgeous tables that were lit from within. The color scheme, overflowing with oranges, magentas, and purples carried over into the swanky lounge area where the guests could relax and enjoy themselves. I am in love with this event!! Of course, our hats are fully off to the AMAZING array of work by Got Light? and the event design by Blueprint Studios. We are so privileged to have the honor of capturing their pure artistry to share with you!! Enough said!

Keep celebrating, Julie

The graphic designs that you see here on the bottom left and right were actually a video that was creating and filling the design in real time as the guests were celebrating!

One word: Stunning.

Shanghai Opening Night Gala

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is celebrating a new exhibition called “Shanghai” and Damion was fortunate enough to be asked to document the Opening Night Gala for this event. As always and forever, the gorgeous and elaborate lighting elements were provided by our friends at Got Light?, one of the best lighting professionals in San Francisco undoubtedly! Many congratulations to those involved with the success of the Shanghai exhibit! We hope to see it soon!

Keep appreciating, Julie

The backdrop for these chandeliers and the lighting centerpiece, which you’ll see below, was a clear top tent from which one could see SF City Hall.

Stunning Samsung Hall

Love the lighting pattern, even on the walkway…great detailed work by Got Light?

And now for the Night Magic!

The evening’s entertainment included a performance by Mezzo Soprano Zheng Cao

ISES Birthday Celebration!

Beautiful Artesa Winery was the place to be last week when we celebrated the 5th birthday of the Napa Sonoma Chapter of ISES! ISES (International Special Events Society) is an international organization that brings together professionals in the event industry for education and networking and we were so fortunate to be able to sponsor and capture this event! For the educational portion of the evening, we were treated to a brilliant presentation from industry leader and trendsetter Sasha Souza on Design Trends for 2010. Though I am not an event designer, I learned so much more about color trends and how to predict them, how to meet your client’s needs and give them an event that they will love, and I really enjoyed learning more about great color combinations and seeing the inspiration boards that Sasha shared and some of the events that her team has created! Loved it! Of course, we had a delicious dinner, plenty of wine & bubbly to share, a scrumptious cake and tons of fun. Damion and I thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and reuniting with old. We are really looking forward to the next event! Without further ado, here are some of the fun moments and gorgeous details of the evening…..

Keep celebrating, Julie

Planner: Dana Macaulay & Michael Brock Alexander

Education Session: Sasha Souza

Event Sponsors: Artesa Winery, Cal West Rentals, CORT Event Furnishings, Damion Hamilton, D’Argenzio Winery, Iron Horse Vineyards, Jess Flood Event Design, Julie Steven’s Design, La Tavola fine Linen Rental, Pacific Entertainment, Patio Heaters-R-Us, Scrumptious Occasions, Seghesio Family Vineyards, Sweet on Cake, The Lux Productions, and Fleur de Lisa

We would like to offer a huge THANK YOU to all of you who worked so hard to make such a wonderful evening possible!

Beautiful, dramatic lighting in the cellar room by The Lux

Sasha with a lil’ pre-speech warm up:)

You’ll see that this evening’s theme was the peacock–”a symbol of lasting partnerships, community, and renewal.” Kudos to Jess Flood’s team for the Thank You gifts!

Beautiful work by Julie Steven’s Designs. I love how they took the time to add the jewel touch to the fern fronds.

Stunning cake by Sweet on Cake

Another beauty by Fleur de Lisa

Damion in action!

Outdoor lounge area in the center of the Artesa winery…the best thing about it was hearing the frogs throughout the evening celebration!

A few smiling faces in action!

Oops! Was I supposed to be working now? Caught red-handed. I was working…on socializing!

And they gave away some awesome prizes too!

Who is that man in black?

Having a little too much fun

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These images show off the clean, modern design of Artesa as well as the amazing furniture by CORT

A little Sasha to top off the night, featuring her new book “Signature Sasha,” full of gorgeous photography and event design.

Last but certainly not least, Damion getting PUMPED UP for this event!! He is the CANON NiNJA!!!!!

L e t s   S o c i a l i z e