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Alexa & Dan’s Annadale Wedding Part 2 | Damion Hamilton | Napa Valley Destination Wedding Photographer

On the last post, we left off just after Alexa and Dan’s sweet ceremony! Now it was time for the party! The Menu was of utmost importance to Alexa and Dan, as they really wanted to create a Farm to Table Fresh experience for their guests to enjoy! This beautiful letterpress menu shows off the vision that was carried out magnificently by Paula Le Duc Fine Catering

A few of PLD’s appetizing creations for cocktail hour…..

First course…..

One special touch that every guest enjoyed was the old photos of family and friends in mason jars.  The guests had a great time passing around the jars and challenging themselves to identify those in the picture in their current state, and it really gave the family style dinner a sense of community by sharing history with one another.

We were so inspired by the antique bottle collection…

Love this image! Even love the dirt on Dan’s shoes…that’s true vineyard style!

Evening dinner out on the lawn…

The rustic, old barn on the property was a perfect backdrop for the dancing and an awesome dessert bar by Paula Le Duc Fine Catering! The toffee cheesecake lollipops and the raspberry macaroons were to die for!! I love the overall fusion between Jess Flood and Got Light with the combination of the lighting, the custom made chandeliers, and the bistro lighting!  The guests loved dancing and relaxing to the Gaucho Gypsy Jazz Ensemble.  It truly was a spectacular day and night!! Congratulations Dan & Alexa!!

Alexa & Dan’s Annadale Wedding Part 1 | Damion Hamilton | Napa Valley Destination Wedding Photographer

Playing host to their guests that literally came from around the globe, Alexa and Dan did a great job of carrying out their “Farm to Table Fresh” vision, even while planning the wedding all the way from Boston!  The custom letterpress invitations that they had created (see below) gave all of the guests a first glimpse of the wine country feel and set the tone for their entire experience.  Alexa & Dan strived to plan a relaxing experience for all of their traveling guests, acting first as host and hostess, and secondly as bride and groom. Alexa’s background in the wedding industry, which provided her with a strong sense of what she wanted and didn’t want, coupled with the very talented event designer Jess Flood, created a remarkable event that captured the essence of Simplistic Elegance.  From the rustic old barn at Annadale Estate Winery for the dinner and dessert, to Jess’s custom chandeliers created out of barrel stays, to the cocktail hour in the Live Oak Grove, to the dinner tables lined with rows of antique milk glasses bottles filled with loose garden flowers, every detail was thoroughly thought out and beautifully planned!

Here are just a few of the gorgeous details from Alexa & Dan’s wedding!  There are so many great images to share with you, that I had to divide the post into two parts!! Enjoy this little sneak peek, but there are more details and images to come!

Alexa and Dan, what a beautiful day, what beautiful families, and what a beautiful couple!! Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite day with us…it was an honor to be there beside you and your families!  You guys are wonderful!! Love ya bunches! xoxoxo

Keep savoring,


The beautiful bride awaiting her first look at the groom!!

I loved walking behind Alexa and her sister to the ceremony.  Taking this image made me tear up thinking about my own sisters and how special sisters are!

The Exchange.

OK! That’s all I can post of Alexa & Dan right now, but enjoy this cute little sneak peek of all the goodness that is to follow in the next couple of days, including pictures in the vineyard and sweet light, a gorgeous dinner by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, and dessert and dancing in the old barn!! Be sure to check back!

Elise & Craig’s Beverly Hills Engagement Session | Damion Hamilton | Napa Valley Destination Wedding Photographer

We knew we were in for a treat with Elise & Craig when we received a “Call Sheet” for their engagement session!  Craig’s producing skills shone through as he created a fabulous day for their engagement shoot, complete with the location of their first date, one of their fave restaurants and a few other beautiful backgrounds in Beverly Hills.   They were granted permission to use the glamorous Capital Grille while the restaurant was quiet, still prepping and getting ready for opening.  Then, they shared a sweet treat at Susina Bakery, which has some special memories for them! Elise shared about why it’s such a special place to them, “I mentioned on our first phone conversation that I love chocolate.  Craig sought out the best chocolate cake in town, which happened to be at Susina Bakery on Beverly Blvd.  We went, we had the cake, we don’t even remember anything about it, but we had our second date a few days later and the rest was history……”  I love stories like that!! They also went to a really unique site at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) featuring an ‘Urban Light” sculpture.  This fun engagement session got us all excited and ready for their destination wedding in Napa coming up later this year! Here are a few of our favorite images!

Keep celebrating old memories & making new ones,



A little friendly (or not so friendly!) rivalry!

Hook em horns baby! (and a side of bling!)

Alexa & Dan’s Engagement Session! | Damion Hamilton | Napa Valley Wedding Photographer

Another homerun for E-Harmony! Alexa and Dan met almost 4 years ago through the online dating site, and I agree E-Harmony…they are a harmonious match made in heaven! Alexa and Dan came from the opposite side of the country for their final trip to wrap up their wedding plans with the fab Jess Flood and we had a great opportunity to share an engagement session adventure with them.  It was my first trip to Healdsburg, and what a charming town! On this particular day they were having an antique fair, which worked out great for Alexa and Dan.  As you’ll see in their images, they were able to find some beautiful glass bottles that are going to be perfect for gathering the loose garden flowers that they have in mind for their exquisitely planned wedding, and the vendor even gifted them a bottle of their choice for a special wedding present, which made me smile.  After spending some time in downtown Healdsburg and grabbing a bite to eat at the yummy Oakville Grocery, we raced (and I literally mean raced!) to Bodega Bay in a desperate attempt to catch the sun before it’s disappearance over the horizon.  Sunset was at 7:45, GPS said our arrival was at 7:42! So,  the running on the beach pictures you will see weren’t staged…we were really running on the beach trying to grab the light! We were able to get there just in time to take a few images before the fiery sun sank, but it did leave us with a beautiful clear sky sunset to take advantage of.  It was quite an adventure and Alexa and Dan were great sports, whizzing through the backroads of the coast like pros! Through it all, plus a biting, chilly wind, they were able to smile and love and be themselves, which really comes through in these images. Way to go!

Alexa and Dan, it was such a pleasure to meet you and we are so excited for your wedding coming up here very soon.  All of the details that you’ve planned are going to make it not only a beautiful day, but a very memorable day for all!! See you soon!!


Keep racing!,


Cornerstone Sonoma Wedding on Style Me Pretty! | Damion Hamilton | Napa Valley Detail Photographer

The feel of this Cornerstone Sonoma wedding by Custom Event Group reminds me of biting into a rich, juicy, ripe plum!  You know the kind where you sink your teeth in and the juice begins to run down the sides of your mouth and you sprint for the nearest napkin or just let the juice fall to the grass??  The flavor of the details is rich and juicy, and the taste is yummy, with a little twist of the unexpected!  Of course, Rebeeca Feeney, event designer extraordinaire, did a fantastic job of capturing and executing this bride’s vision and vibe, which you can read more about on this Style Me Pretty post.  I love hearing from Rebecca how they came up with the ideas and the vision for her events!  Thanks to a team of talented and dedicated vendors for pulling off such a fantastic event!! You will find a full listing of vendors on the SMP Post including Kathy Hoffman, Got Light, Elaine Bell Catering, and an exquisite and original cake by Cakeworks.

You will see on SMP that the talented Suzy Clement was the main photographer for this event, while Damion was commissioned specifically to capture the gorgeous details of this wedding.  Because we do believe that every artist should receive credit for their work, please note that the first few pages in the gallery that you will see are actually Damion’s images though they are tagged differently.

Without further ado, one of my favorite weddings…..ever.

Keep thinking outside the box,


Custom created chalkboards helped direct the guests around the property as well as to their seats at the table…

Refreshments for all on a hot summer day!

Kathy Hoffman’s use of unconventional and personal containers and the natural elements in the floral design was refreshing and captured beauty all on it’s own.

Because of the amazing length of this table, it was divided into sections as marked in the chalkboard signs and the guests were directed (by the cute custom chalkboards you saw earlier!) to their particular sections!

Such a beautiful and unique cake by Cakework!!

Amazing lighting set up by Got Light? warms the barn for the reception area!

Damion - September 14, 2010 - 5:15 pm

Awe…thank you!! I REALLY loved photographing this event!!

Damion - September 14, 2010 - 5:13 pm

Thank you Devyne!. I agree…one of my favs indeed!
Ron..thanks bro…your always a big encouragement!

Megan - September 10, 2010 - 4:34 pm

I am in LOVE with these! That first photo – I just can’t get enough of it! I think it’s all the textures….

Devyne - September 4, 2010 - 2:52 pm

Damion – – – what amazing pictures . . . . What a beautiful and creative way to decorate!!

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love these detalils -super job bro!

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