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Event & Detail Photographer Damion Hamilton | Private Estate wedding in St Helena with Custom Event Group

This has to be one of my all-time favorite images that Damion has ever taken!  Everything about this is picture perfect: the composition, the color contrasts, the gorgeous florals by Kathy Hoffman, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect subject!  We are so fortunate to have been able to document the details for this GORGEOUS wedding designed by Rebecca Feeney with Custom Event Group.  She is an amazing designer who completely creates custom weddings from the ground up.  Every aspect of CEG events are completely unique and no detail is left without her fingerprint! She only accepts a few events each year, so if you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will surely be blessed with an AMAZING wedding that no one will forget!

For complete list of vendors, please see below post!

Keep creating,


PS: And these were just from Day 1 of the celebration……

Gorgeous floral detail by Kathy Hoffman

Individual gourmet cheesecakes by Elegant Cheese Cakes

Handmade breadsticks created by Panevino

Wine barrels & candlelight lining the vineyards

Special lighting by Got Light? to make the evening glow!

Super Talented Vendors:

Event Design: Rebecca Feeney

Floral Design: Kathy Hoffman

Lighting Design: Got Light?

Gourmet Cheesecakes: Elegant Cheese Cakes

Handmade Breadsticks: Panevino

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Linens: La Tavola Linens

julie - June 26, 2010 - 2:10 pm

Thank you Luke! It was a stunning event! Julie

luke snyder - June 24, 2010 - 7:28 pm

Whoa. Incredible details. Incredible shots.

Damion Hamilton Featured on “Style Me Pretty”!!!!!!

Ya-hoo!! Just saw that one of the beautiful weddings we had the privilege of capturing the details for, courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Feeney with Custom Event Group, was featured on one of our fave blogs, Style Me Pretty!!!  (How’s that for a weird sentence structure!) This wedding designed by Rebecca took place at Solage Calistoga and the beautiful floral art was creating by the super talented Kathy Hoffman!  So, don’t wait on me to get pics up, go on over the Style Me Pretty right now to see them for yourself !!!! :D  One of our 2010 goals crossed off the list, thanks Rebecca!!!  The same images are also featured on Le Belle Bride, a great blog for “The SwankyBride”!!!

Keep watching!


PS: If you select one of the images in the post, it will take you to a “secret” gallery featuring *more* images!!!

Women for WineSense Grand Event, Mumm Napa, Napa Valley, CA

Beautiful summer evening in the valley.  Cool breeze.  Amazing sunset.  Gorgeous location.  What more could you ask for the kick off the Grand Event, a weekend long educational and social event for Women for Winesense, “the premiere wine education and networking organization for wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts?” This was such a perfect evening for their Champagne Reception at Mumm Napa where the members from around the country had an opportunity to soak in the tastes and beautiful views of the Napa Valley.  The delicious array of wines poured can be accredited to Schramberg, Gloria Ferrer, Domaine Carneros, Mumm Napa, and J Vineyards & Winery, while the catering was provided by Creative Palate Works.  They also featured specialty chocolates (YUMMM!!) by Chris Kollar of CK Kitchens and a interesting product that we saw for the first time, SanTasti–a palate cleansing beverage!! Needless to say, a good time was had by all!

Keep enjoying,


“Sip the wine, Share the moment, Savor the experience”

Delicious treats from Creative Palate Works

So, this is SanTasti! It’s a palate cleansing beverage designed specifically “to neutralize astringency and bitterness while washing away flavors for a refreshing palate cleansing experience!”  Interesting, right? I’ve got to try this!!


This is Chris Kollar and his AMAZING Chocolates!! I’m quite sure this was the most popular table…..

My keyboard is now swimming in drool……

Beautiful Scenery at Mumm Napa

Who is stealing Napa’s gifts and how will it affect your future? Voice it on June 8th!!! Election Day!!!

Every person has innate gifts.  By “gifts”, I am talking about that natural ability whose presence makes that person better and more alive than they are without it.  Let’s take our little Livy for instance.  Since the time she was 8 or 9 MONTHS old, she has been coloring.  Every single day she draws with markers, crayons, paints, pens, whatever she can find.  As a matter of fact just this morning I was frustrated at the time that I spent sitting down and painting a picture of a princess instead of doing the other million things I could be doing.  But I did it with her.  Why?  Easy–because it’s a part of who she is. Her artistic abilities are one of her natural gifts and allowing her the space to use those gifts and see them flourish is what allows Livy to be a better, more alive person and I want to invest in that!!!  Tracking with me so far??

On Friday, Damion and I were enjoying a drive down the beautiful Napa Valley after having just left the St Helena Farmer’s Market.  I was reading Dario Sattui’s letter to the editor of the Napa Register regarding the destructive nature of the newly renewed WDO.  I can’t help but agree with the points that he made and I was thinking to myself “Why does this trouble us so much?”  I realized this one point….there are some people on the Napa County Board of Supervisors who are basically stealing Napa Valley’s gifts and essentially telling her that she can’t operate in them.  You see, just like people, regions have natural giftings.  One of Napa’s natural (some people would say redemptive) gifts is the gift of hospitality.  The members of the board who approved the tighter regulations of the WDO are doing exactly that….not allowing Napa to operate in it’s natural gifts.  Now, will Livy die if I take away her art supplies and ability to express herself through art?  No.  Nor do I believe that Napa Valley will completely perish.  But, will Livy suffer if I take away that ability for her, because it is part of who she’s made to be?  Yes.  And as Livy would suffer by not allowing her to express herself through her natural gift, so will the Napa Valley.  So, also will the people of Napa Valley.  Not just the hospitality and service industry, but the wineries are doomed to suffer as well, especially the small, family run wineries who aren’t the huge marketing machines.  I believe those wineries and the hospitality & service industry will have to find other ways of supporting themselves, and it will mostly be by working in other counties that will allow them to use their gifts.  Make no mistake, if Napa Valley is not allowed to use her gifts, someone else will see abundance and flourishing of what could have benefited Napa Valley and her inhabitants.

So, what can we do to change this heart breaking situation?  Easy—June 8th is your opportunity to change things.  Two members of the Napa County Board of Supervisors who responsible for tightening up the restrictions in the WDO and causing this valley to suffer are up for re-election.  Let’s replace them with two people who are FOR change in the Napa Valley.  We cannot continue to operate in the same way we have for the last 20 years.  The economy is changing and has changed and if we maintain this OLD mindset, we will not prosper.  In District 1, the current Supervisor is up for re-election after 20 years of service.  20 years of the same mindset.  PLEASE VOTE FOR DAN MONEZ IN DISTRICT 1 who is willing to support the wineries, the ag preserve, and the hospitality industry (what about that—all of them can co-exist???).  I’m impressed that he has continued to support Napa economy throughout the election by purchasing his campaign materials locally, while his opponent has gone and spent invested his campaign money into SF and Marin regions for his campaign needs.  In District 3, the current board member Diane Dillon is also another one who from the very beginning of  the WDO amendment meetings was adamant about keeping the status quo with no consideration shown for the changes that may need to take place to see this valley succeed.  PLEASE VOTE FOR MICHAEL C HALEY IN DISTRICT 3.

Please forward this blog post to anyone that you can…we have to get the word out.  June 8th is THE DAY to affect and change our own future!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Just as I was finishing this up, a little 3 year old voice came in saying “CAN I Please GLUE????”  Case in point.

Sasha Souza - June 2, 2010 - 3:26 pm

so amazingly put, Julie! You are so right, the gift of the Napa Valley is meant to be shared and we are unable to share based on current leadership. beautiful!

L e t s   S o c i a l i z e