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3 Mistakes Most Couples Make with Wedding Photography| Damion Hamilton | 4th Secret Ingredient for Success–Trust

One of the things we love about our job is that almost every single time, we are working with a client who has never been a bride or a groom before! It’s a completely new ball game for them. That is the fun part of our job; answering questions and explaining how things work. A big portion of our job as photographers is education and teaching our clients what to expect from the day and how to handle it.

In contrast to the first-timers, we have seen and photographed hundreds of weddings over the last 12 years.  We’ve walked through many of the things that can go wrong.  We’ve planned many a timeline and have experience with how long things will actually take and how to best handle the day.  All of these experiences have shaped how we can help plan the wedding in a smarter way so that the bride and groom get everything they want in the end!

The shortest amount of time that we have ever had for a couples portraits was SEVEN minutes.  From beginning to end.  SEVEN minutes to capture a lifetime of love and memories.  Do you want to know why we had seven minutes???

They didn’t trust us.

They didn’t trust us when we told them that there was a better way to plan their wedding timeline so that they could have plenty of time for the the most important pictures of the day (bride & groom) AND for hanging out with their friends.  They didn’t trust when we told them that the time given to us for capturing the details of their STUNNING wedding was not sufficient to capture everything in the way they would want want to see it.  Just to give you a little glimpse, they spent $45,000 on the flowers alone and all the time we could squeeze out for one person to capture the decor was 15-20 minutes.  This couple was one of the most beautiful, in love couples we’ve ever seen (and they are awesome!) and their day was spectacular…but oh how sad we were that we didn’t have more of the magic ingredient, time, to truly capture more depth of their love.  That boiled down to trust.

Trust is one of the most important elements in creating successful wedding photography.  As well meaning as they are, many times, the client has not thought through or experienced the wedding in the same way that we have.  There is a pre-concieved idea about how things will be and look and flow, but the reality of it is that weddings operate differently than most people think they do!

Here are three specific areas where we see many misconceptions—and why we ask clients to trust our vision, our experience, and our expertise instead:

1)One picture of a place setting is fine. You don’ t need to take time to photograph the decor.”   Respectfully, you have put time, effort and sleepless nights into planning every detail of your soiree! The wedding day goes by soooo fast, that there are things that you have worked on that you won’t even get to see.  Our job is to tell the story of your event…and that includes the details that you have wrestled and slaved over.  We want to tell the WHOLE story, which means taking time to capture the details.  When you get your wedding pictures back, you will be browsing through and find yourself saying “Oh yeah..I forgot about that!” and you will be happy.  You’ll be able to hand your wedding album to your kids and grandkids one day and THEY will be able to see the story of the whole day for themselves.  One picture of the decor just won’t tell the story.  I’ve seen weddings where the photograph only gets one or two or three pictures…and the clients (and designer) were very sad. Trust us, it’s worth the time.




2) I only want pictures of us and our parents.”   I understand the good intentions in the statement.  You don’t want to waste time with unnecessary pictures and are trying to limit the photo time so that you can enjoy the party with your friends and family (this is assuming you didn’t see each other beforehand).   I completely understand.  In some cases those few pictures are absolutely plausible. However, I will tell you that in the majority of cases, when I send over the list of possible picture options to you, there will be pictures that you didn’t think of having that you will want.  How often do you get dressed up beautifully with your whole family around? How many more special chances will you have to take a picture with Grandma? And what happens more often than not –this is a special day for other people too.  Your parents will likely want a picture of your immediate family with your new spouse, even if you don’t.  They may even want a picture with THEIR siblings that they don’t get to see very often.  Keep in mind that weddings are very similar to family reunions…you rarely see all of the same people in the same place.  Yes, you can limit the pictures, but please trust me when I tell you that you are most likely going to end up doing more than three pictures.



Here is Kevin surrounded by his five girl cousins, whom he hasn’t seen together in a very long time!

3) ***  “We don’t want to see each other before the wedding.” *** Please hear me out before you click away! We get it! We really do!  All your life or your groom’s life, you’ve dreamed of that moment where your eyes meet as she’s coming up the aisle towards you and you’re swept away by her beauty.  You think that aisle moment will be less special if you’ve seen each other beforehand. You think that it will take away from the intimacy and beauty of the day.  OR it could be simply that you haven’t seen it done any other way and don’t know about the options.  We have done hundreds of wedding and would you believe me if I told you it makes the day even more special if you see each other beforehand??? I’ll tell you why emotionally and then mathematically for all you who need proof.


Seeing each other at the aisle: The groom is waiting at the front, the doors swing open and there is the beautiful bride.  The groom gets to see her at the same time as all of the other guests.  Damion is trying to go back and forth between capturing the bride coming down the aisle at a distance and capturing the groom close up. He can’t capture two different directions at the same time, so he is alternating…and has to miss some moments.  The groom’s reaction is beautiful, but still held back because of the other people starting at him waiting for the tear or “the look”.  The bride joins him at the front. He whispers “you look beautiful.” No time for a hug. No time for a kiss. The ceremony moves forward and you must move with it.  He glances sneak peeks at her but has to listen to what the officiant is saying at the same time.  No time to drink her beauty in. You get married (yeah!), you kiss, you move into pictures straight away.  You have a long list of pictures to do with both sides of the family and bridal party because you haven’t been able to do them together prior to the ceremony. You then have about 15-20 minutes for your bride & groom portraits (and the only time you will be alone for the whole day!) You miss your cocktail hour and hanging out with your friends and head straight into dinner.

First Look:  The groom is waiting with his back to you.  Damion & Julie have been communicating by radio, so we bring the bride right to him. It’s just the four of us (Damion, Julie, bride, and groom) in a private location.  There is no one else watching.  When we’re ready and have one camera focused on capturing the groom’s true instant reaction and one focused on the bride, we let you know.  You walk up to the groom and snuggle up to him to let him know you’re there.  He turns and sees you for the first time.  He experiences his true reaction…usually shock and awe.  You embrace, you kiss, you soak each other in and absorb every detail.  You give him a turn in your dress so he can see everything. You show him your shoes. You laugh together and talk about how nervous you are.  Your nerves go away.  We give you a moment to yourselves because we know that the next few minutes will be the only time you will be alone today.  We then take the next 45 minutes to do the most important pictures of the day…the bride and groom.  When you part after that, you know that the very next time you see your beloved at the end of the aisle, you’ll be getting married! You are ready! You get married (yeah!), take a few extended family photos for 15-20 minutes and then…go enjoy your friends at your cocktail hour!


For those of you who need good solid mathematical proof, I will lay out our “ideal” timeline here so that you can see statistically that planning your day in this way is just smarter!

Seeing each other at the aisle: (squeezing most important pictures of the day into the smallest amount of time)

12:30  Damion & Julie arrive for prep

1:15-2:00 Portraits–Bride, Bride Family, Bridesmaids

2:00-2:45 Portraits-Groom, Groom Family, Groomsmen

2:45 Bride tucked away & guests arrive

3:30 Ceremony

4:00 Ceremony ends

4:00-4:40 Repeat Family Photos with spouse (i.e. we previously did bride’s immediate family, but now we have to do bride’s immediate family + groom), Extended Family  & Entire Bridal Party

4:40-5:00 Bride & Groom Portraits

5:00 Dinner


First Look: (most important pictures of the day get largest amount of time)

12:00  Damion & Julie arrive for prep

12:45-1:45 First Look and Bride & Groom Portraits

1:45-2:45 ALL Bridal Party & Family Portraits

2:45 Bride tucked away & guests arrive

3:30 Ceremony

4:00 Ceremony ends

4:00-4:20  Extended Family Portraits

4:20-5:00 Bride & Groom attend cocktail hour and mingle with guests

5:00 Dinner

Joel & Nadine



Caity & Steve
Caity & Steve

All of these misconceptions are easily addressed, it’s just a matter of understanding the world of weddings and trusting the experts that you have chosen to make your day THE BEST DAY POSSIBLE!!  Truthfully, Damion & I did not see each other before we got married, but oh how we wish we had.  We would have done things so differently now.  We have never had a couple regret making the choice to see each other first, though we have had those who didn’t want to do a First Look and later wished they had!

Trust is the 4th secret ingredient of our recipe for success!

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Detail of the Day | Damion Hamilton | The Detail Experience

After working all day in the corporate world, wouldn’t you love to step into a lounge that refreshed your soul & body by convincing you that you were outdoors? That’s what this company did for one of their lounge rooms! The only thing that would make it better is a heat lamp for the sun and nice tall glass of cool lemonade!

Detail of the Day, corporate lounge, Damion Hamilton

THE DETAIL EXPERIENCE EBOOK IS LIVE!!!! | Damion Hamilton | The Detail Experience

Dear friends,

For the last 2 years we have been working on a project that we hope will bring a greater level of success to every person that comes into contact with it! In our new ebook, The Detail Experience, we share how the strategy of refining and focusing on detail and decor images can help grow your business because it allows you to partner with and support other vendors in the industry and provide them with what they really want.


Although we break down major categories into detailed chapters about alignment, background, food, lighting and so much more, one of the  most valuable assets of this ebook is in “The Inside Scoop”.  We had a chance to sit down with hard hitters and influential legends in the events industry and find out the little known secrets of what they really desire to see and how photographers can best meet those needs. Another great feature of the book is that we provide you with our camera stats for every photo, as well as a comprehensive index of vendors and venues to give honor where honor is due for design.

Not only is this book a “must” for photographers, but is a source of insight and knowledge for events designers and other vendors.  This ebook has something for everyone in the events industry, whether it’s understanding how a camera sees differently than our eye does, learning how to compensate for misalignment with major features in the room, OR creating a timeline that allows food to be photographed at it’s best.  This information is indispensable for event designers, planners, catering, everyone!

Even more exciting is that a portion of proceeds from every sale will be donated to help stop human trafficking!

Available for purchase for $29.95







Here is what others are saying about The Detail Experience

–“First of all…wow! Fantastic images. Elegant Explanation. The content is so strong it could really help photographers find the edge they need to earn more business.”—Dane Sanders, Fast Track Photographer, author, speaker, photographer
“It will be great for the industry!”– Andrea Michaels, President of Extraordinary Events, winner of 35+ Special Event Gala Awards, Special Event Industry Hall of Famer
“Ooohhh the eye candy! I love it. I’ve already thought of several people whom I trust that I could give it to to help hone their craft and others that really need this.  The features are thoughtful and smart, and show the craft of the skill set.” –Monica Richard MBC, Mon Amie Events, Inc, Wish upon a Wedding Indianapolis President, ABC Indiana State Coordinator
–“This is a manual that all wedding photographers should be required to read before they shoot!“– Sarah Drake, Cole Drake Events
–“The Detail Experience” is a glorious exploration the opportunity that exists for every event professional to capture & share their work with the world.  The book clearly expresses the overall philosophy & the specific techniques for going beyond the standard ‘room shots’ and into the realm of true visual artistry.   If you are a photographer, I believe this book can dramatically improve your work, expand your perspective, and directly lead to additional work on top events.  These insights will undoubtedly help you create a stunning portfolio and attract relationships with the best professionals in the industry.
If you are event professional, this book will give you the insights to partner with talented photographers and receive finished images that reflect your specific & singular vision for the event.  Highly recommended!”—Brett Culp, Brett Culp Films, Award Winning Digital Filmmaker & Storyteller

 Here, I’ve provided for you a few examples of the content & visual artistry that you can expect to see throughout almost 300 pages.

Table of Contents

The Detail Experience-FullBook 4
Excerpt from chapter on Alignment


Excerpt from chapter on Complete Coverage


Excerpt from chapter on Details


Excerpt from chapter on Food


Back cover


L e t s   S o c i a l i z e