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Detail of the Day | Damion Hamilton | The Detail Experience

After working all day in the corporate world, wouldn’t you love to step into a lounge that refreshed your soul & body by convincing you that you were outdoors? That’s what this company did for one of their lounge rooms! The only thing that would make it better is a heat lamp for the sun and nice tall glass of cool lemonade!

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THE DETAIL EXPERIENCE EBOOK IS LIVE!!!! | Damion Hamilton | The Detail Experience

Dear friends,

For the last 2 years we have been working on a project that we hope will bring a greater level of success to every person that comes into contact with it! In our new ebook, The Detail Experience, we share how the strategy of refining and focusing on detail and decor images can help grow your business because it allows you to partner with and support other vendors in the industry and provide them with what they really want.


Although we break down major categories into detailed chapters about alignment, background, food, lighting and so much more, one of the  most valuable assets of this ebook is in “The Inside Scoop”.  We had a chance to sit down with hard hitters and influential legends in the events industry and find out the little known secrets of what they really desire to see and how photographers can best meet those needs. Another great feature of the book is that we provide you with our camera stats for every photo, as well as a comprehensive index of vendors and venues to give honor where honor is due for design.

Not only is this book a “must” for photographers, but is a source of insight and knowledge for events designers and other vendors.  This ebook has something for everyone in the events industry, whether it’s understanding how a camera sees differently than our eye does, learning how to compensate for misalignment with major features in the room, OR creating a timeline that allows food to be photographed at it’s best.  This information is indispensable for event designers, planners, catering, everyone!

Even more exciting is that a portion of proceeds from every sale will be donated to help stop human trafficking!

Available for purchase for $29.95







Here is what others are saying about The Detail Experience

–“First of all…wow! Fantastic images. Elegant Explanation. The content is so strong it could really help photographers find the edge they need to earn more business.”—Dane Sanders, Fast Track Photographer, author, speaker, photographer
“It will be great for the industry!”– Andrea Michaels, President of Extraordinary Events, winner of 35+ Special Event Gala Awards, Special Event Industry Hall of Famer
“Ooohhh the eye candy! I love it. I’ve already thought of several people whom I trust that I could give it to to help hone their craft and others that really need this.  The features are thoughtful and smart, and show the craft of the skill set.” –Monica Richard MBC, Mon Amie Events, Inc, Wish upon a Wedding Indianapolis President, ABC Indiana State Coordinator
–“This is a manual that all wedding photographers should be required to read before they shoot!“– Sarah Drake, Cole Drake Events
–“The Detail Experience” is a glorious exploration the opportunity that exists for every event professional to capture & share their work with the world.  The book clearly expresses the overall philosophy & the specific techniques for going beyond the standard ‘room shots’ and into the realm of true visual artistry.   If you are a photographer, I believe this book can dramatically improve your work, expand your perspective, and directly lead to additional work on top events.  These insights will undoubtedly help you create a stunning portfolio and attract relationships with the best professionals in the industry.
If you are event professional, this book will give you the insights to partner with talented photographers and receive finished images that reflect your specific & singular vision for the event.  Highly recommended!”—Brett Culp, Brett Culp Films, Award Winning Digital Filmmaker & Storyteller

 Here, I’ve provided for you a few examples of the content & visual artistry that you can expect to see throughout almost 300 pages.

Table of Contents

The Detail Experience-FullBook 4
Excerpt from chapter on Alignment


Excerpt from chapter on Complete Coverage


Excerpt from chapter on Details


Excerpt from chapter on Food


Back cover


Detail of the Day | Damion Hamilton | The Detail Experience

Who wouldn’t love a custom designed diamond encrusted beauty of an engagement ring? I don’t know many ladies who wouldn’t love this gem designed for a surprise proposal to the very lovely Danielle Harris at The Carneros Inn.  The ring was created by Bridge Street Jewelers…THE place to acquire luxurious and rare watches.  If you’re a collector, you’ll want to follow this store!

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